Duck & Goose Hunting

Waterfowl Hunting Etiquette On Texas Public Property

In many respects, hunter behavior can make or break a hunt on public property. If everyone would observe the following rules, waterfowl hunting would be more enjoyable for all parties involved.

  1. Respect the wildlife. Respect the natural resources. Respect the sport. Reserve, preserve, and conserve.

  2. Remember that the Golden Rule certainly applies to hunting on public property. In all regards, treat others as you would like to be treated. Such respectful behavior will translate into better hunting and greater enjoyment for all who must share an area.

  3. First come, first served. If another group of hunters gets to ďyourĒ spot before you do, find another place to hunt. Donít encroach on other hunters, period. Plan ahead and have multiple options for a public hunt. Chances are you will find someone who has the same plan as you do and is sitting in your spot.

  4. Don't setup too close to someone else's spot.  If they got there first, go find another spot.  Moving in on another hunting party is disrespectfull, especially if setting up downwind of their spread, then blasting away when ducks are circling or passing.

  5. Stop calling when ducks are circling someone else's spread. If they have their attention, let them be. Too much highballing will confuse ducks and scare them away.

  6. Don't take long shots at distances you know are outside 35 yards. Learn your maximum effective range. This rule applies anywhere, not just on public property. Skyblasting is unsporting, and worse, it results in cripples that cannot be recovered.

  7. Do not block boat ramps or parking areas any longer than necessary. When launching, have your gear in the boat, the trailer straps off, and the fuel bulb pumped up before backing down the ramp. Make sure you turn your head lights off, leave your parking lights on. Then unload the boat and clear the ramp as quickly as possible.

  8. Be respectful of hunters in smaller boats and boats with less powerful motors than yours. When passing another boat, ease around it with as little wake as possible. Don't shine spotlights in other boater's eyes.

  9. Don't violate a fellow hunter's trust. If he takes you to a secret spot on a public property, don't go back there without his knowledge or permission. And never take others there.

  10. Donít be late. Show up for the hunt at a reasonable time. You donít want to infringe on the hunt of others by dragging.

  11. Pick up and take all trash and spent shell casings Ö even if the trash and spent shell casings arenít yours. Leave your public property in better shape than you found it in.

  12. Limit the amount of vegetation you damage around your spot.

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