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Texas never sees a poor waterfowl hunting season ... some are simply more spectacular than others.

Waterfowl hunting is a Texas tradition that is hard to justify to someone who has never experienced it. Waterfowl hunting is about much more than just shooting unsuspecting ducks or geese in the worst of elements. Its about being there, immersing yourself in the moment, absorbing the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and feelings of the great outdoors, enjoying fellowship with close friends and family, making memories for another days telling.

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Waterfowl First Beneficiaries of Settlement

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Timely Rainfall Bolsters Prospects for Waterfowlers


Raining Ducks

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Wakeup Call Coming to Waterfowl Community

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Managing of Wood Ducks in East Texas

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Managing Habitat for Mottled Ducks

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2013-2014 Waterfowl Season Dates

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2013 Status of Waterfowl Video Report

Here are 2013 results from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Canadian Wildlife Service's Waterfowl Status Report. Biologists have conducted waterfowl surveys in North America for more than 55 years, making it the longest-running wildlife survey in the world. In 2013, they surveyed more than one million square miles of habitat. The video report describes biologists' findings as they surveyed the northern United States and Canada.

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